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Mayra Andrade - Felicidade

Duration: 00:05:36 | 4768 views

Listen to the beautiful voice of the singer from Cabo Verde, Mayra Andrade. She sings one of the most famous songs of the brazilian popular music. Video made of photos of Mayra Andrade...

Mayra Andrade, a star is born

Duration: 00:02:19 | 2913 views

Mayra Andrade is a young Cape Verde singer, a music made of cesaria Evora style and brazilian influence...

Mayra Andrade - Regaço / Bô Seiva

Duration: 00:05:14 | 5076 views

Music from Cape Verde Cantora Cabo-verdeana Composed by Orlando Pantera ----------------------- Regasso / Seiba Morna ke m'conxê inda menino, na regaço Na hora di dispidida m'cré também [...]

Mayra Andrade - Lua (Moon)

Duration: 00:04:13 | 2490 views

The cape-verdian singer sings "Lua". See her video clip ! It's really good music.

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Duration: 00:00:36 | 91 views [...]


Duration: 00:00:21 | 2 views

Little preview from the WILD Motion issue REBEL REBEL fashion editorial.

A WILD SESSION with Cherry - black and white

Duration: 00:03:42 | 1 views

You'll not have of heard her name yet, but under the wing of Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, it's only a matter of time until you recognize the fair skin and dim sounds of Cherry.


Duration: 00:07:13 | 37 views

Livspar använder sig av ett rådgivningsprotokoll vid sina rådgivningsmöten med kunder. Affärer mellan kunder och Livspar dokumenteras noggrant i rådgivningsprotokollet. Rådgivningsprotokollet [...]

Use Britax Car Seats for The Safety of Your Child

Duration: 00:02:46 | 38 views

Featuring an revolutionary design and market-top technology, the BRITAX PARKWAY SGL Booster Seat (Livia) keeps your youngster secure and secure during auto rides. The seat\\\'s Accurate Facet Affect [...]

Dentist in Miami

Duration: 00:01:32 | 20 views

Dentist Miami, Florida - At Javier Andrade Dental Care, our dentist in Miami priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting. Request an appointment [...]

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