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Love boobs? Who ya gonna call? GhostBUSTers! Help fight breast cancer at!!! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:42 | 2541 views

Together, we can eliminate breast cancer from this world - so it no longer haunts the lives of the people we love!!! All I need is your support. Please go to and learn all about the [...]

BOOBY Balboa is fighting mad and wants to beat breast cancer to a pulp with!!! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:17 | 762 views

Cancer sucks. Seriously. Not only does it suck for the people who get it... but for the people who love the people who get it. Breast cancer makes me MAD... mad like Rocky... um... I mean Booby Balboa [...]

James Bond is a huge fan of Save women (like 007) from breast cancer! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:18 | 756 views

If there is anything guaranteed about James Bond... it is that he likes his women like he likes his vodka martinis: without breast cancer! (and you thought I was going to say "shaken") Seriously [...]

Dear Breast Cancer, Why don't you pick on someone your own size? #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:55 | 516 views

I am a warrior. Literally. When I was born, my mother traced my Hawaiian ancestry to King Kamehameha - who united the Hawaiian island under one kingdom. She then named me after the king's cousin - who [...]

Back the project with a donation and save the women you love from breast cancer! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:18 | 380 views

I often get asked "Who is your inspiration?" when I talk about the social game I am developing at The project is actually inspired by a few people. My grandmother [...] loves lightsabers and Chewbacca (hates breast cancer) #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:42 | 363 views

Last night, I made up a new pet-name for my girlfriend: Chewbacca (well, she is Spanish - so really the name is Chewbaccito). Bear with me, there is a point to this, I promise. I could tell - at [...]

May the force be with Breast cancer is the dark side! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:23 | 463 views

Now that we are knee-deep in October - it is wonderful to see everything turn pink. I walked into the supermarket on Saturday morning to buy my girlfriend some flowers for our new apartment and I was [...]

Join and The Temple of Boobs to beat breast cancer! #ICQB

Duration: 00:00:18 | 795 views

My sincere thanks goes out to everybody who has been backing my project. But remember... this is not an adventure you should do alone! Use the blue sharing section (below the video [...]

Olivia NC Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement

Duration: 00:00:30 | 30 views for Olivia North Carolina windshield repair & auto glass replacement. Visit the website for free estimates! [...]

Olivia NC 28368 auto glass repair & windshield replacement

Duration: 00:00:35 | 16 views Olivia auto glass.
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