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Dressing Room Oops

Duration: 00:00:18 | 255518 views | 7.6Notes/10

This clip is from the TV show La Bustarella which is all about Oops, great show :)

Flip Machine from American Gymnast

Duration: 00:01:43 | 231 views - A brand new gymnastics and cheerleading product offered by American Gymnast, the Flip Machine is an air-filled unit providing [...]

QVCs Mary Beth Roe y Lisa Robertson dialog to drop oops

Duration: 00:01:25 | 22687 views | 7Notes/10

N NO WAY DOES OOPs REPRESENT this or any company, it's LIVE TV hosted by Humans and thing happen usually influenced by that darn gravity. Mary Beth Roe and Lisa Robertson are having an entertaining [...]

American Gymnast Premier Introduction

Duration: 00:01:15 | 25 views AG Premier combines 4 essentials that every gym owner needs to succeed in their gymnastics business.

Ask American Gymnast about Gymnastics Equipment, Training and More

Duration: 00:01:02 | 76 views - Ask American Gymnast was created to give our visitors a more direct way to ask the questions they really want to know about the sport of gymnastics.

Bikini contest oops

Duration: 00:00:09 | 5590 views | 7.9Notes/10

bikini contest oops Many photos on the site pics bikini, Photo bikini, girls in bikinis, celebs in bikinis, models in bikini, hot bikini, extreme micro bikini, brazilian bikini, [...]

Bikini contest oops

Duration: 00:00:09 | 1640 views | 8Notes/10

Bikini contest oops

GDNY Tights Loose Too Much Not Enuff OOPs

Duration: 00:08:19 | 3477 views

Audio goes haywire 1/2 way thru was ok on my aide. WHO Lucy Noland(Texas news anchor), Jodi Applegate (Long Island, NY news anchor), Lyn Brown (her fáv hobby shoes = a Shoe store),Tracy Humphrey [...]

Jenna has someTHING on her mind oops

Duration: 00:00:09 | 2552 views | 5Notes/10

Jenna Wolfe (Cute) and while an WICZ sports reporter says an oopsie / oops - An old Chinese proverb: Please, lady reporters never get a big head, leave that to your male viewers

10/7/09 Did a U-Turn by MEXICO CITY (oops, I mean L.A.) Dodgers Stadium few hours before PLAYOFF GAME #1 , GO CARDINALS ! 430pm

Duration: 00:00:22 | 638 views

10/7/09 Did a U-Turn by MEXICO CITY (oops, I mean L.A.) Dodgers Stadium few hours before PLAYOFF GAME #1 , GO CARDINALS !

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