Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Banned From MTV)

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  • Author: bigmama
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This Prodigy clip was banned from MTV... Maybe too hot ? Otherwise it's really nice...

This Prodigy clip was banned from MTV... Maybe too hot ? Otherwise it's really nice...

Video added on: 19-10-2006 17:55:20
Categories: Music
Keywords: electro mtv clip music techno banned prodigy smack my bitch up

Language: English
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saying it out =D - Posted by fishy66 on 02-10-2010 02:28:43
tis vid is brilliant its pushing it prodigy style didnt see the heroin scene saw the snorting coke
WATTAAAA - Posted by bigbadbear on 26-08-2010 04:20:46
That chick has some guts,beats up a guy with a chair,SWAT kicks a toilet door,brakes down a car window and steals it,etc.
awsome - Posted by cezar66 on 13-06-2010 13:08:39
because mtv don't know what's good.. love this clip
thumbs up - Posted by tegzlegz on 20-05-2010 02:18:46
awesome awesome video clip
@semicharmed69 - Posted by comeoneileen on 16-05-2010 03:05:07
I too remember the heroin scene.
@semicharmed - Posted by comeoneileen on 16-05-2010 03:03:41
I remember when this was on TV (Yes, that old). I too remember the part when she shoots up in the bar bathroom, then comes out and the world is twisted (as it becomes in this version too, but with no explanation)
originality at its best - Posted by vicky808 on 30-01-2010 02:56:02
an effin classic
great - Posted by sykout on 12-12-2009 05:59:54
prodigy style truelly portrayed in a video
smack myyy biatch upp - Posted by katze1100101 on 24-11-2009 15:34:15
to y'all....ok whatever will come nxt this is and remains the best vid ever
banned - Posted by sosiam on 21-11-2009 05:03:59
they don't make videos like that anymore
Not the real banned video - Posted by semicharmed69 on 04-09-2009 00:17:21
The real video has a scene where she shoots up heroin in the bathroom
Fucking amazing - Posted by candyperfumeboi7 on 12-08-2009 07:39:51
I love it..reminds me of the late 90's..
That's what I call a twist ending - Posted by thisisass on 17-07-2009 19:48:50
Holy shit its a woman o.O, wait a second that Dj wanted to beat up a woman?
Well that chick has balls.
Never Gets Old - Posted by ghostofmccleve on 28-06-2009 09:45:42
I remember the first time I saw this video, I thought it was going to blow...then that ending came out of nowhere and I couldn't help but say, "Holy shit! That was awesome."
The best - Posted by modafuka on 24-06-2009 17:53:17
that was fucking awesome. seriously, best video ever, so furious and insane. true prodigy style.
best video ever ever ever - Posted by sule24 on 06-06-2009 19:38:01
best video ever ever ever
great - Posted by aarkm on 05-01-2009 14:58:38
one of the great videos i have ever seen......
OH the sound of the music is almoust orgasmic - Posted by mold on 15-09-2008 17:22:12
OMFG VID FUCKING LOVE THIS !!!! the best vid ever made and for ho dont like don see =D smack my bitch up !! xD
haa fuck yeah - Posted by septsham on 24-08-2008 20:45:43
this is the sickest shit
sithpimp1 - Posted by sithpimp1 on 22-08-2008 15:15:14
this may be one of the best videos of all time this song and fire starter will be played at my wake
blakke - Posted by blakke2k on 23-07-2008 16:21:52
FUCKING EH TWEETY! - Posted by rlg24 on 14-11-2007 07:20:27
miam - Posted by dark-117 on 04-03-2007 19:52:30
j'en mangerait bien un morceaux

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