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Frequently Asked Questions

What access control manufacturers do you work with?

KEWEGO Ltd. is working with one of the best access control manufacturers worldwide. Here is a short list. Samsung, Bell, Keri, Panasonic, Bosch, Sony, Videx, Fermax and more. The full catalog could be seen in our access control service page or on our 020 3404 1583.


Do you offer office after-burglary repair and maintenance?

Yes, we do. Our locksmith services are perfectly suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. Regular maintenance and free estimation is mandatory for our teams. Furthermore, you can add additional security measures such as access control systems and CCTV system.


Which is the best video surveillance option that you can recommend?

Well, that depends. The most suitable CCTV camera for You is the one which covers your needs and is in your price range. For example, we should determine first the type of video surveillance that you require. Home security, Outdoor security, Dome security, Motion detection cameras, IP security cameras etc. Our staff will do that and proceed accordingly. Our purpose as a leading local company is to meet our customer’s requirements and offer the best possible solution for them.


Does the Professional Car Park Access provide and insurance?

We do provide professional car park access insurance and all of its premises. Please note that the insurance policy is Only for the car park access. Our company does not offer car insurance or responsibility for any of your vehicles.


How can I see if you are available in my town?

First of all, make sure that you have checked our website and all the provided areas. Secondly, if you still cannot find the desired town or you simply do not have time to do that, just call us on the provided phone 020 3404 1583. Our contact centre will do anything to answer your inquiry and find a reasonable solution.


What is the response time in case of Emergency lockout or system failure?

There is three type of responses. Emergency: 30 minutes, Priority: 24h and Standard response time: 72h. Have in mind that due to unexpected situations the emergency service response could take up to 4h. The teams will be at your doorway ASAP.


Can you help me with my custom made CCTV system?

Our company does provide maintenance and repair on already existing video surveillance cameras. Please note that we cannot promise or ensure anything regarding DIY technologies.


Can I order several safety systems from you?

Yes you can. The alarm systems, CCTV cameras and access control systems can be fully integrated. For multiple orders you can get a custom discount. Please get in touch with us for more information.


For additional questions or any other inquiries that you may have, please contact our friendly customer support on 020 3404 1583. They will gladly help you. We try to fully integrate our methods and create a long-term relationship with all our clients. Feel free to share any of your experience with us.