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CCTV Services London KEWEGO Ltd.KEWEGO Ltd. is proud to announce you that 96% of the feedback we receive from our regular and first-time in the office or on site customers is positive. And now we would like you to focus your attention at a random part of the clients opinions left by the clients and as to our competitive alarm and security services in London.

Reviewed by Samuel Hargreaves on Sep 26, 2016

You, guys, are amazing! All my emergency calls are always handled at once and fees are very low.

Reviewed by Isaac Rogers on Jun 10, 2016

High quality, premium services and very friendly staff. I am happy to be your corporate client for more than 5 years!

Reviewed by Chapin Landry on Feb 22, 2016

CCTV repair services are very cheap. I thought I would need to replace the entire system, but thanks to these fast guys we have recovered our home security very quickly! Thanks a lot!

Reviewed by Amber Sharpe on Dec 14, 2015

We were supposed to wait too much to have the fire alarm additional detectors to be installed. Yes, it was worth it, because now, even when my husband is secretly smoking on the window, I got him!

Reviewed by Jude Hardy on Aug 5, 2015

We use your intruder alarm system. I has been few years less than a decade since it was installed. Everything works just great up to now. The maintenance fee is very on a budget.

Reviewed by Dominika Nowakowska on May 8, 2015

Cheap services and pleasant technicians. I recommended you, guys, to my friends. And what I`ve heard from them is that your CCTV services are quite good!

Reviewed by Ulrike Durr on Mar 26, 2015

Me and my wife decided to change the alarm system maintenance company last year. And we are very pleased with you, guys. You have made us calmer every time I cook and it is a case with high potential of risk for burning out the whole property!

Reviewed by Michael Nekrasov on Jan 29, 2015

I used the repair services for my home access control system. It was an emergency order because of the kids. I never leave them unsecured regardless the fact my wife is always at home. The guys came quickly and fixed the problem very fast. The kids did not even hear a sound to wake up...

Reviewed by Freddie Faulkner on Oct 4, 2014

My company is pleased with the newest access control system. Now everyone feels safer and more confident that the boss knows who works round the whole day and who`s out for a cigarette during half of the working time. Very friendly staff by the way!

Reviewed by Victoria Sykes on Jul 23, 2014

Who would tell that a not known security company by me will surprise me that much? I used CCTV services for my brand new office space and wanted to try something on a budget without caring the quality that much. Well, well...quality is extra high and it turned out that I haven`t heard of them just because they are not that aggressive with the advertising. Though, they have rich experience in the field!

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